Work process

At Armanix Marble Chips S.L., we establish annual contracts with specialized small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) responsible for processing our products according to a quarterly plan. This approach enables us to ensure customer satisfaction through a meticulous working system, which we will detail below:

  • Stock

    At Armanix, we understand the importance of having both raw material and finished product stock readily available to serve our customers promptly. That's why we've developed an efficient and well-structured inventory management system that allows us to maintain a substantial stock at all times.
  • Order

    Upon receiving an order, we check the product's availability and confirm the price and departure date with our transportation agent.
  • Quotation

    With the information on product availability and transportation in hand, we prepare a quotation and present the price and delivery date to the customer.
  • Order Confirmation

    Once the quotation sent to the customer is accepted, we proceed to create a proforma invoice. At this stage, an initial payment of 50% is required, after which we immediately begin working on the agreed-upon execution with the customer.
  • Material Loading

    Our transportation agent provides us with the budgeted containers, into which our material is carefully loaded.
  • Export Documentation

    Once the container is sealed, it is weighed, and a packing list is prepared. The final invoice is generated, and the material is processed through customs clearance.
  • Ship Departure

    Upon immediate confirmation of the ship's departure, all cargo documentation is automatically sent to the Chamber of Commerce of Spain. A certificate of origin is also obtained to meet destination requirements.
  • Payment

    Our client pays the remaining 50% of the invoice by transfer. Immediately afterwards, we send the cargo documentation by email and we also send it by postal mail.

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