Armanix Marble Chips: Fine Aggregates for Industrial and Decorative Applications


Aggregate Size

Armanix Marble Chips aggregates come in a specific size range, from fine powder of 0 mm to small stones of 1-3 mm. This range is carefully selected to offer maximum versatility and adaptability in various construction and decoration applications, meeting the industry's demanding requirements.

Raw Material in Various Products

Albero for Floors

In albero creation, these fine aggregates improve soil compaction and appearance, making them perfect for pathways, patios, and other outdoor areas.


Their use in microcement ensures a smooth and uniform texture, ideal for contemporary surfaces on floors and walls.

Texture, Compaction, and Aesthetic Enhancements

Armanix Marble Chips aggregates improve the strength, durability, and aesthetics of the products they are used in, offering textures that vary from smooth and uniform to rustic and natural, depending on the application.


Applications on Floors and Walls

Thanks to their versatility, these aggregates are suitable for both floors and walls, allowing their use in a wide range of projects, from modern interiors to outdoor landscaping.

Photos of our products applied to the industry