Armanix Marble Chips: Aggregates for Gardening and Landscaping

Canto Rodado

Diversity in Sizes and Textures

Armanix Marble Chips aggregates, ranging in sizes from 6-9 mm to 150 mm, are carefully selected from various rocks. This variety ensures a wide range of textures, colors, and shapes, adapting to any gardening and landscaping style.


Versatile Uses

These aggregates are ideal for a multitude of applications in gardens and outdoor spaces, from creating natural pathways and rest areas to serving as decorative elements in flower beds and around ponds.

Benefits in Gardening

With Armanix Marble Chips, transforming and beautifying any garden is simple and effective. These aggregates not only improve the functionality and aesthetics of green spaces but also offer practical and durable solutions for landscape care.

Photos of our applied products

Gravel Stabilization

Gravel stabilization plates are used to secure and stabilize gravel, allowing for easy walking and vehicular traffic, particularly during rainy seasons. By using these plates, we achieve maximum surface stability in pedestrian areas as well as in high-traffic zones such as pathways, parking lots, golf courses, various residential areas, and more.