Armanix Marble Chips: High-Quality Aggregates for Exterior and Interior Cladding

Special Resin

Versatile Sizes

Armanix Marble Chips aggregates in sizes ranging from 2-4 mm to 4-8 mm are essential components for a wide range of cladding applications, both in exterior and interior spaces.

Exterior Facade Cladding

Interior and Exterior Stone Carpet Cladding:

Innovation and Natural Beauty

The 'Stone Carpet' is an innovative cladding that blends natural aggregates with transparent resin, creating unique and visually appealing surfaces.


Key Benefits

Easy Maintenance

These surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical solution for any space.

Application Versatility

Suitable for a variety of contexts, from private residences to commercial and public projects.


Exterior facades

Stone rug

ACCESSORIES: PVC Corners and PVC Joints

PVC corner guards are wall cladding accessories, also known as corner beads or edge protectors. These practical elements come in an L-shape or angle form, intended to provide protection to corners. They are durable and economical, specifically designed for facades with aggregate cladding (monocap).

This is a PVC molding with a semi-circular shape designed for facade cladding. It facilitates the application of construction materials while providing a modern touch to the exterior finishes of buildings. Using these quarter rounds, various shapes can be created to enhance the aesthetics of each facade.